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What’s the best site to watch foreign movies for free?

Today you can easily watch hundreds of free foreign flicks from around the world, exposing yourself to unique cultures and mentalities. You can either stream videos from paid sites like Netflix, or you can take a creative route and use free-of-charge platforms. One of them is Alluc.

Why we like it

Alluc is not a special-purpose platform for foreign films but rather a generalist search engine focused on movies and TV shows. It gathers links from around the Internet and aggregates them into lists.

So, if you want to watch a foreign movie for free, it’s probably better to first find a couple of suggestions on the informational sites about what’s trending in a specific country as of now. And then, you can use Alluc to find the links for streaming.

All of the links work completely for free but sites usually display lots of banner ads and use pop-up windows. This is certainly a small price to pay for watching foreign cinema for free.