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Where to watch old movies online?

Sometimes you might want to watch older movies online. There’s a number of platforms that provide access to extensive libraries of movies. Some of them are paid and some are free of charge. Let’s find out more.

Good sites

1. Internet Archive

This service acts as a repository for various TV shows, movies and broadcasts. Here, you will find over 4,000 feature films with a stunning collection of almost 300 silent movies.

All of the materials are accessible completely for free with no registration required.

2. The Film Detective

To access this platform, you’ll need Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV. The teams restores and provides the digitized versions for famous older movies, TV shows and other productions.

You’ll need to see some ads here. If you want to get rid of those ads, you’ll have to purchase a paid subscription.

3. Kanopy

This site hosts an enormous collection for over 30,000 films. To access Kanopy, you’ll need to register with a card from a participating library.