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Where to watch erotic movies for free?

Sometimes, you might want to watch some erotica movies in order to bring more fun and lust in your life. There’s a lot of porn platforms out there but they go directly into the hardcore stuff, and that’s not necessarily what you might be looking for. Here’s a list of some sites where you can watch delicate erotic productions for free.

Good sites to consider

1. Softcoretube

Here you’ll find a number of categories within the softcore field, so that you can navigate easily. In addition, you can search videos by actress and tags.

All the videos presented here are completely free to stream.


At this site, you have lots of “non-porn” storyline-based erotical movies, fun to watch and follow.

Good quality and fast buffering have drawn lots of viewers to this site.

Search by category to explore various themes.


This site is getting closer to the porn scene but still contains a decent sampling of softer flicks to enjoy.