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What’s the best site to watch concerts online for free?

It’s always great to see a concert by your favorite brand but it’s hard to travel along all the time. And these days you don’t have to anymore! There’s a lot of free streaming platforms to watch your concerts with Moshcam probably being THA best among them.

Why we like it

All of the videos presented here are in HQ quality so that you can entrance yourself with the atmosphere of a real-life concert, all from the comfort of your home.

In addition to concerts, you can read interviews with your favorite musicians, peruse photos and learn about the rewards they’ve received. Reviews will help you keep in touch with the vibrant concert scene.

There’s a deep category tree with lots of genres for you to explore around. Pick “Full gigs” to enjoy full performances or get a quickie from an event by clicking “Sessions”.

The site works well on iPhone and iPad which is dope since you can watch concerts for free while on the go.